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Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 - Wedding Tips

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Wedding Tips : Choosing Wedding Ring Sets – Wedding Ring Sets are the most important elements of weddings today. Probably the most import element of Wedding Ring Sets is the bride’s ring. It is important that the set chosen be one that the bride really likes as this will be something she will be wearing for a long time. It is good advice to the groom to not skimp in this area but do stick to your budget as much as you possibly can. Always remember that the wedding ring has a lot of meaning to your bride.

Making the Decision

There are so many wedding ring sets to choose from and it is very hard to decide that right one that will fit the budget while at the same time being a lasting treasure. Some couples are not too particular and will look for wedding sets at pawn shops. This does not fit everyone but if you don’t mind then you could get some really nice sets at a very affordable price. It might be wise, if you can, to get a ring appraised that you buy from a pawn shop.

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Now the pawn shop option is now attractive to everyone and most times the couple will insist on buying new when choosing wedding ring sets. Here is where you will have to do some shopping to get the most ring for the money. Remember, that most diamonds are bought through a diamond cartel and the markup is tremendous.

You can bet that if someday you were to sell the jewelry, you will not get anything near what you paid for it. But you won’t be selling it someday right? This is why it is ever so important that you to shop and buy the right one. If there is one thing that you do not like with the set then don’t buy it and keep shopping.

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Other Hints in Making Your Decision

Usually, when buying wedding ring sets, the groom purchases the bride’s ring and the bride is involved in purchasing the groom’s ring. Yes, on television and in the movies the groom presents the bride an engagement ring when he asks her to marry him. But in reality, it is very wise that you as a couple decide upon your wedding ring set. Keep in mind that you need to be fully pleased with the rings you buy because they should last you a lifetime.

A feature you need to examine in a bride’s ring when shopping for wedding ring sets is the length of the prongs for the diamond’s setting. This should not be overlooked because you can bet that if the prongs are weak or few that you could potentially end up loosing the diamond if one breaks. It is recommended that there be at least 6 prongs on a wedding ring setting and that that the diamond must sit securely within those prongs. If the bride is one with a very active lifestyle, you might consider a setting that is smaller protruding as much. This will help prevent the setting from getting caught or snagged on something.

Usually the bride’s ring has a diamond setting. However, it kind of depends on your culture or background as to other alternatives to diamonds. It could be that your bride would like an emerald or a ruby for a wedding ring. Only you would know but if this is acceptable to you as a couple then it is definitely a possibility. Again, it is totally up to the preferences of the couple, but there are look-alike diamonds made of Moissonite, Zircon, or White Sapphire. If these are acceptable alternatives to you as a couple then you can save a lot of money and get a nice wedding ring set.


There are other features to consider when shopping for wedding ring sets such as the metal quality of the ring itself and even service plans from jewelers for ongoing maintenance of the ring (cleaning, checking the prongs, prong replacement). All of these should be considered before making your final decision. Just make sure your set is totally what you desire.

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