Take Advantage of the Holidays for Wedding Ceremonies

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 - Wedding Tips

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If you and your fiancé haven’t yet chosen a date to wed, then consider the upcoming holidays for your nuptials. Your “to do” list seems ever-growing with Christmas parties to attend and gifts to purchase, so the Holiday Season may not seem like the ideal time for you to plan your wedding.

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On the contrary… you should take advantage of this special time. The first reason is that more of your family members are likely to attend. Chances are you were going to spend a few days with them anyway. People have already asked for time off from work, so the extra day or two isn’t going to hurt them financially. They were probably already planning on giving you a gift, so maybe it will actually be something you have on your registry or a practical item that you need to start your new life together as husband and wife.

Another great reason is that the decorations are already intact. What a beautiful time of year – with festive lights; romantic red and green colors; poinsettias; and lovely music. If you use the decorations that are already in place instead of spending hundreds of extra dollars on lavish “wedding décor”, your wedding budget will be drastically reduced. Aside from that, your yearly anniversary will bring back charming memories of the holiday season.

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Fancy gowns and cocktail dresses are plentiful at nice department stores for easy choices for the bridesmaids. Men will already be buying suits to dress for special events. You won’t have to worry about fittings or finding just the right outfit to wear.

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Photographically-speaking, the holidays always provide dramatic images that stand out. The Christmas lights really pop off the picture. People’s faces always look happy. Indeed, the holidays are a magical time of year. Many will look forward to your wedding as another excuse to deviate from their diets or to meet up with friends they haven’t seen for awhile.

Plenty of reception facilities offer discounts for off-nights. Saturdays are always the most expensive. Consider a Friday or Sunday. Or the week after Christmas when many people already have time off from work and school. What a perfect excuse to keep the party going for an extra week. Your wedding day… and it could be coming right up!

If you think it’s just too soon to plan such a big event, just remember some of the most fun you’ve had in your life were the events which were spontaneous.

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