Planning a Wedding Around a Season

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Autumn Wedding Ceremonies Ideas

A Beautiful Seasonal Wedding Can Add to Your Big Day

Themed weddings are becoming more and more popular. Not the themed weddings that consist of people wearing Hawaiian shirts, but rather weddings with holiday or seasonal themes. A wedding with décor and fashion planned around the season in which it takes place can be a very elegant and beautiful expression.

Inspirational Winter Wedding Ceremonies Ideas

Or, if you prefer, you can turn your wedding into a season that is, well, out of season (a “summer” wedding during winter). No matter how you do it, however, putting together a wedding with a seasonal theme actually makes the planning less stressful. After all, the season provides the colors and the décor. And can even help you figure out what you want the members of your party to wear.

Winter Wedding Tips

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Dark, rich color is reminiscent of winter. Burgundy, deep blue and green, and even dark purple all add warmth to your reception. Choose a hall or church with wood accents to increase the warm feeling. Faux white fur on your dress, and faux fur trim for the bridesmaid dresses can add a wintry look to your wedding party. You can even indulge in a Christmas theme. But rather than put bridesmaids in bright green and red, instead clothe them in toned-down gold, or silver-gray. This is a more elegant Christmas motif.

Spring Wedding Tips

A spring wedding is fresh and beautiful. However, unless you plan to marry in late spring, it is best to plan an indoor wedding. Fresh spring flowers, like crocuses, tulips, snowdrops, and pansies are lovely and colorful, and make great centerpieces. Dressing your bridesmaids in cheerful and bright colors mimics springs bursts of life. You can use a color run (dressing each attendant in a different color of the same style dress) to imitate the look of colorful flowers.

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Summer Wedding Tips

Many brides are beginning to choose wildflowers for their bouquets. Summer blooms of daisies, buttercups, and other pastel and light colored flowers make excellent choices for the bridal and attendant bouquets, as well as for décor. Colors inspired by summer’s easy-going attitude are pale, like pastel yellows and blues, reminding guests of blue water and sandy beaches. Sundresses make elegant and simple dresses that can be used by the bridesmaids – or even the bride.

Autumn Wedding Tips

This season presents many beautiful possibilities. Adding colored leaves to a bouquet of roses is a unique and charming touch for a bridal bouquet. Have boutonnières and attendant corsages made from groupings of autumn leaves of red, yellow, gold, and even dark purple. Colors that make good décor for fall weddings are earth tones: rusts, golds, yellows, and light browns.

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